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This is the coffee of choice for those that prefer a bolder cup with some bite.

Using a blend of beans from Papua New Guinea and Central America, our Dottie's Roast has wild notes of malt, pecans, and chocolate.

Proceeds Benefiting the Minnesota Cycling Center


The Minnesota Cycling Center is a nonprofit organization with a mission to create a vibrant entertainment, racing and education destination for cyclists of all ages in the Twin Cities. The proposed multipurpose Velodrome and event center will providing community cycling and S.T.E.M. educational programs, street-level retail and a home for gatherings of all types in the region.

Whether you are a cyclist, music fan or believer in educational and fitness opportunities for kids, we need you. Help us cross the finish line!


Namesake: One of the stars of the race circuit was Minneapolis resident Leona Marie “Dottie” Farnsworth. Dottie was born around 1873 to Austin Farnsworth and Sarah Bartholomew and graduated from St. Paul’s St. Joseph’s Academy in July of 1895. She took up bicycling that summer, and competed in her first professional six-day race in December. When she triumphantly crossed the finish line at the end of six days she had ridden the equivalent of well over 300 miles. This shattered the previous world record for 18 hours of racing.

Dottie was brash and supremely confident in her abilities. Early in her career she was involved in rivalries with many of the other riders, and often proposed side-bets with her competitors that matched the race winnings. Her boldness rubbed some the wrong way but there was no denying her competitive fire. In an 1896 race she finished a close second to Tillie Anderson, Dottie fought so hard to win that she fainted from exhaustion immediately after clearing the finish line.

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