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About Bell Lap Coffee

A little about our mission...

"Our mission is simple. Deliver artisan roasted coffee beans so fast that if you are a regular coffee drinker you will need a new delivery before other commercial beans hit the store shelves."   Justin Rumley, Co-Founder, has a long-standing love of two and cycling. Bell Lap Coffee allows him to take his love of coffee and put a cycling spin on it with unique roast names. The unique roast names selected are geared towards cyclists, while the roast type attracts all coffee enthusiasts.  

Roast Philosophy

Most grocery store coffee and large chain coffees are purchased as a giant lot. That coffee is generically roasted in large quantities by a computer-controlled roaster following a programmed setting. Attention to detail at each step is impossible. As a result, the unique characteristics of coffee from different countries are masked.  Coffee X always tastes like Coffee X. Coffee, like wine, has different characteristics based on where they come from. The soil, the altitude, the rainfall, the shade, and the sun all affect how coffee tastes. Given the opportunity, most people can taste and enjoy the subtle differences in coffee. It takes a lot of effort and many hands to produce a quality coffee. Our job is to enhance all the hard work that has already gone into the coffee before it arrived at our roastery. That is why we artisan roast in small batches and deliver directly to your doorstep, also known as Fourth Wave Coffee.

Coffee "Waves"     

Specific trends and progressions within the coffee industry are referred to as “Waves”. It was in 2002 when an article published by the Roasters Guild in The Flamekeeper that the term “wave” was coined.    

  • First Wave: Coffee consumption grew rapidly.   
  • Second Wave: Specialty coffee gained market share as consumers were interested in knowing more about how the coffee was produced and its origin.   
  • Third Wave: The movement to produce high-quality coffee considered an artisanal foodstuff like wine rather than a commodity.    
  • Fourth Wave: Still being defined, but the ability to get artisanal coffee delivered to your door.  This is where Bell Lap Coffee comes in!

What makes us different from everyone else? 

When you place your order, we roast your beans in small batches by hand. We package it immediately and ship it to you directly. This makes our coffee fresher than grocery store coffee- weeks, if not months, fresher. Expiration date? How about a roast date? Without a roast date you have no idea when your coffee was roasted. 

It's the Bell Lap, are you ready to subscribe?

  Our motto is: You put everything you have into the bell lap and that's exactly what goes into roasting the best coffee beans. Skip the store, skip the hassle. Your beans ship within days of roasting. Adjust your deliveries any time.