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Highlander Grogg - Specialty Coffee


5.0 3 reviews

Product Description

Crafted from the best Specialty Coffee beans and then Artisan Roasted to perfection to create a medium acidity and very smooth body.

Our Highlander Grogg coffee is a distinctive blending of caramels and irish cream flavors with the hint of faraway tropical vanilla. If you enjoy a cool breeze blowing into your face and perhaps an invigorating bike ride in the highlands, this grogg is for you!.

Ingredients: Coffee beans, natural and artificial flavor

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5.0 3 reviews

Customer Reviews

Christopher S. - 01/08/2019

The best

There is only one problem with this coffee - nothing else takes as good after drinking it. I can't drink other coffee anymore, because this set the bar so high. My wife is the same way!

Tanner O. - 08/20/2018


Coffee was never an option for myself until I was turned to Bell Lap Coffee and specifically Highlander Grogg! Great flavors throughout the entire cup or cups! You can't go wrong with any Bell Lap Coffee Roast.

Ann M. - 03/13/2018

Great for a person who generally doesn't drink "flavored" roasts

Love this coffee. Before Bell Lap I never would drink flavored roasts. This is a great oneā€”and so is the Holiday Blend. Don't miss these when they are in season!

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