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Coffee for a Cure - Light Roast


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All proceeds from ‘Coffee for a Cure’ are given to the MDA in honor of Bell Lap Coffee co-founder, Justin Rumley’s father Steve "Buckwheat" Rumley who passed away from ALS in 2009.

MDA takes a big-picture perspective on neuromuscular diseases, including ALS, that limit muscle strength and mobility, so we can work across diseases to find effective treatments and cures. With our collective strength, we will encourage early diagnosis and action, support families in hometowns across the country and uncover research breakthroughs to help children and adults live longer, stronger lives. If you would like to learn more, please visit

Coffee Notes

Wildly grown, this coffee STANDS OUT. UNIQUE AND UNTAMED.

High in caffeine content, this light roast is a great kick starter for those early mornings. Its notes are clean and fresh with an earth-toned, citrus flavor and a nutty, chocolate finish AS IT COOLS!

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