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Bulk Coffee 5 lbs


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Choose from one of our six Artisan Roasted Coffees - Whole Bean Only

The Rivet - Light Roast

High in caffeine content, this light roast is a great kick starter for those early mornings.

Featured flavor notes: Cinnamon, Citrus & Chocolate.

Rouleur - Medium Roast

With flavor notes that suggest a soft nuttiness, caramel, and earth overtones, it’s the perfectly balanced and tempered coffee for all occasions.

This worldly blend is the perfect proportion of beans from Brazil, Central American, and Papua New Guinea.

Max Bulla - Vienna Roast

This is the coffee of choice for those that prefer a bolder cup with some bite.

Using a blend of beans from Papua New Guinea and Central America, our Max Bulla Vienna Roast has wild notes of malt, pecans, and chocolate.

Flamme Rouge - French Roast

Our darkest roast, is rich and full-bodied with delightfully distinct bittersweet chocolate highlights.

This coffee blend combines a predominant amount of beans from Central America with dashes of Indonesian and African beans mixed in for highlights.

Omni Roast - Espresso

This Italian style espresso blend is slow roasted from a low temperature, and then baked to a light smokey finish point. We start with beans from Brazil which create a unique, milk chocolate foundation. Then we add beans from Central America for a robust, earthy tone, and a dash of Indian Malabar for a lovely crema. Not only is the blend an intensely rich and sweet espresso, but it can also be ground for a great cup of brewed or pour over coffee.

Roasters Choice - Single Origin (Rotates weekly)

Limited Edition Micro-lot Single Origin Coffee Beans.

Micro-Lot coffees are available on an extremely limited basis and consequently only at specific times of the year. These will be unique, fully traceable and have very small lots from 5-40 bags.

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