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Roasted by hand. Always small batch. Delivered directly to your door.


Our Coffee is Roasted Fresh to order.

We package & ship each order within hours of roasting to bring you the freshest coffee possible! 

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We have single purchase options as well as recurring subscriptions.  We offer five Signature Roasts and a rotational Single Origin Roasters Choice.

Roasters Choice; Costa Rican Tarrazu - Dark Roast

  • Location - Tarrazu
  • Elevation - 1650 meters above sea level
  • Variety - Cattura, Cataui
  • Process - Honey

Costa Rica is regarded as one of the world's premiere coffee growing regions due to its volcanic soil and ideal drainage. As a result, this dark roasted, full-bodied coffee creates a slightly more complex cup than the light roast. Its flavor profile is marked by the same subtle chocolate and citrus nuances, but its finish has a gentle, lingering smokiness. Without a doubt, this stuff is the definition of ‘pura vida.’ 

Our Signature Roasts

Premium Coffee Beans Directly From the Source to the Cup.

Brew wild grown, gourmet coffee beans, AND make a positive impact on the people of Papua New Guinea. Our Artisan Coffee Roaster works directly with the only bush pilot in the world who flies, exports and imports to cup-coffee supplies from Papua New Guinea.  He also just happens to be from Minnesota!  Exporting coffee from these remote villages allows the chance to get needed supplies and services flown in/out.   All of our Signature Roast Blends feature wild grown PNG beanss.

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