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Panama Barú Indian High - Medium Roast


5.0 1 reviews

Product Description

Panama “Indian Barú”- Single Origin

Panama Barú Indian coffees are grown in the Boquete region of Western Panama located around the slopes of Volcano Barú near the Costa Rican border.

Cupping Notes; pointed and sparkling acidity, tobacco notes on finish, complex, winey, tart, melon, soft earthy note, caramel.

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5.0 1 reviews

Customer Reviews

Sarah H. - 08/22/2018

A lovely cup!

The Indian Baru is a lovely cup that is rich and flavorful without being too heavy handed. It's the perfect cup for a chill morning on the deck. Nothing makes me happier than seeing that email that says "You have a package on the way from Bell Lap Coffee" - the subscription is AWESOME and makes a great gift as well!

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